The Satanic Temple of Washington actively works to ensure reproductive rights and bodily autonomy for all people.

We've put on several benefit shows to raise money for Satanic Temple’s reproductive rights legal fund, dedicated to fighting the legal battle for science-based abortion information, the removal of waiting periods, and the lifting of other restrictions designed to punish people who can become pregnant and limit their access to safe abortion. 


When religious protesters mobbed our local Planned Parenthood, we put on our own counter-protest in support of the clinic and those needing its services. We've also marched in support of reproductive rights and bodily autonomy in the Seattle Women's March.

Support TST's Religious Reproductive Rights Campaign
"One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone." 

TST Utah Reproductive Rights Campaign

As part of a nationwide push that includes more than 300 bills in 2019, 11 US states have passed laws to restrict or inhibit access to abortion.


These laws make unreasonable demands on patients or practitioners and endanger the health, safety, and wellbeing of our members. These laws violate our beliefs, particularly our Third and Fifth Tenets. They are a blatant unconstitutional attempts to force theocratic beliefs into US law and dictate to others what they can and can’t do with their bodies. Legislators are intentionally misrepresenting scientific facts and use inaccurate information regarding non-existent “fetal heartbeats” to play upon people’s emotions.

As a federally recognized religion, the right to practice our beliefs is protected under the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. We are already in litigation with the state of Missouri, and we have major plans to continue our fight. Please join us and let your voice be heard and if you can make a monthly recurring donation today. Our fight is only beginning.

We are pleased to announce that TST will hold a rally to support the Religious Reproductive Rights Campaign this Spring in Utah! The rally will include notable experts and activists and will be a positive gathering of like-minded Satanists and supporters. Following the rally, TST will hold a Celebration of Bodily Autonomy, an informal gathering that will include entertainment and information on TST’s ongoing fight as well as information on how you can become more involved. Learn more about this effort here.