Interested in joining the Satanic Temple - Washington State congregation? 


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You must be a resident of Washington state to join our TST WA congregation.

Virtual Events

Currently, due to the Covid-19 pandemic all of our meetings and rituals are now being conducted virtually.


Community Conduct

In addition to upholding the tenets and mission of the national organization, TST Washington's congregation is committed to maintaining an environment of respect and support both at in-person events and online. Misogyny, transphobia, racism, anti-Semitism, ableism, or bigotry of any kind have no place in TST Washington.


We Are More than Activists

The Satanic Temple Washington is a congregation, and Satanism is our (nontheistic) religion. Though we do engage in activism, we are a religious, not simply an activist, organization. 


New to Satanism?

You should minimally understand what TST is, and what TST is not. If you’re interested in further learning, check out TST’s Recommended Reading List


Coming from a Western LHP, esoteric, or initiatory inclination?

We are not an initiatory organization. We don’t have levels or degrees. Though we do perform a variety of rituals, they are secular and nontheistic in nature; we are not a ceremonial magic organization and ritual is not our main focus.


What does it cost to join?



Do you have an age minimum?

Because many of our events take place in 18+ spaces and deal with adult themes, you must be 18 or over to join TST Washington. 


If you do not identify as a religious Satanist, you can still support our congregation and the greater TST organization as an Ally. Allies are welcome in our Allies & Novitiates Facebook group. Allies can support our mission in a number of ways, from donating time, items or money to spreading positive news and information about TST on social media.